Jane Alexander

Hand crafted by the sea in Wyke Regis

- the art of enamel

If you have found my website it is probable  that we have met at one of the many exhibitions or fairs that I attend every year. As a customer you will know that my work has to be seen and caressed to be fully appreciated. It is the unique hand made nature of every piece that makes my work valued by those of you who invest. I have been working with my own ‘masking’, dry powder technique for over thirty years—each stud or picture is individually created.  Firing enamel as a dry powder results in  vibrant, opaque colours which will never fade—neither , I hope , will your love for your purchase.


My work is individually hand made so my web site is not a shop—more of a gallery where I can post my latest creations.  You can browse and then Email or ‘phone me direct with your requests and I will respond with some suggestions—I can make different colourways of90 my designs just for you.